What is Phoenix Capacity® ?

The Phoenix Capacity® method, similar to Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis and other approaches, belongs to the vast family of therapeutic approaches that mobilize natural resources inherent in every person. It is a gentle accompaniment method, pleasant to use and respectful of individual rhythm. A great relaxation generally takes place during the session, often followed by a boost of energy. The results are often surprising. The method is already used in integrative psychotherapy centers, in hypnosis cabinets, in physiotherapy, osteopathy and oncology centers, in rehabilitation centers, etc., where it has proven itself.


What is the context of the Phoenix Capacity® method ?

The Method is integrates with epigenetics, positive psychology and brief therapies, all informed by recent discoveries in neuroscience. The neuro-plasticity research highlights mechanisms by which the neural system has the ability to modify its structure during learning. We now know that, under favorable conditions, the brain can regenerate, restructure and revisit the architecture of its connections until the end of life. As such we can understand it as a dynamic system capable of reconfiguring, constantly nourished by our environment, our experiences and our choices.

Epigenetics show how the expression of a person's genes can be changed significantly by their mental, emotional and physical behavior. 

By promoting harmonious communication between the conscious and unconscious parts of our being, the Phoenix Capacity® method allows a person to intervene on many of their internal processes.


What are the goals of the Phoenix Capacity® method ?

Its main purpose is to facilitate and amplify the processes of repair and regeneration in all aspects of our being, and also to improve recovery capabilities and increase personal performance. Thus, through an exploration within metaphorical mental representations, Phoenix Capacity® potentiates the ‘body-mind’ relationship, both at the ‘physical’ level and at the "mental" level, to obtain better health, thoughts, emotions, habits, etc.

Each session brings about new teaching experiences that are at the heart of the transformation from a 'present state' to a 'desired state'. The consultants participate actively throughout the sessions to become the creators of their own resources, the actors of their progress and the authors of their success.

How does the Phoenix Capacity® method work ?  

The Phoenix practitioner accompanies his/her consultant in a state of trust and security, encouraging them to discover the world through personal spontaneous unconscious metaphors, to explore and question them in order to mobilize adequate resources. For this, Phoenix Capacity® uses neither sophronization nor hypnotic induction, but relies on the implementation of a specific therapeutic raport. Practice requires a great presence to the other, a curiosity capable of opening up the field of possibilities, powerful faith in the consultant's ability to get better whatever the initial situation. The position of the Phoenix practitioner requires not to intervene on what the consultant discovers during their Phoenix Capacity® journey.

An important feature of Phoenix Capacity® is to maintain a dynamic and creative relationship between the conscious and unconscious parts of the consultant throughout the session. It is precisely by relying on this relationship that the consultant will progress towards his/her goal, accompanied by the practitioner but keeping all of his/her autonomy. Then, over the sessions, helped by the practitioner, they will gradually appropriate the means of acting by themselves independently.

As a physiotherapist does in their field, a sophrologist, a psychomotrician, or a speech therapist, a Phoenix Capacity® practitioner will often ask their consultant to practice certain exercises between sessions. To do this, they will help their consultants find the right way to get into the "Inner posture" allowing change.

The “Phoenix Capacity® journey” makes manifests both blockages and resources. It is an immersion in inner representations where they are directly active as obstacles or solutions.


FAQ :  

Is Phoenix Capacity® hypnosis ?

Although one could consider Phoenix Capacity® to belong to the general family of ‘Hypnosis’ due to its similar approach, the technique however is clearly different. Phoenix Capacity® does not use induction for trance, pre-established scripts or protocols. To activate the person's unconscious resources, the Phoenix Capacity® practitioner does not use hypnotic suggestions. The procedure, however, retains a hypnotic character and the results can be as surprising as those sometimes obtained in hypnosis session.

Does the training allow one to practice hypnosis ?

No, the Phoenix Capacity® training does not allow one to practice hypnosis, in the same way that a hypnosis training does not allow one to practice Phoenix Capacity®.

Who are the people who train in this method ?
Our trainees are most often support practitioners in various fields including medical and paramedical: Acupuncturists, Sports Coaches, Hypno-practitioners, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Doctors, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Psychologists, Sophrologists, etc., who all benefit from a powerful tool that they can regularly use in synergy with their professional practice.
Perinatal practitioners find here a privileged method which brings excellent results. Likewise, because the consultant keeps the reins of his session at all times, MPC is particularly suitable for people with high potential. Hypersensitive people and artists will find the emphasis placed on mental representations and creativity to be pleasant and enjoyable.