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In each of us we have a natural capacity that we tend to forget. This is that which brings together the imaginary and regeneration. Our internal creativity is quite capable of blocking internal repair processes as it can also speed them up. How to make the alliance between body and mind always positive and to our advantage? To this question, the Phoenix Capacity® method offers an answer. The Phoenix Capacity® 'Journey' makes both blockages and resources manifest. It is an immersion in mental representations where they are directly active as an obstacle or solution. The Phoenix Capacity® method, is an accompanying method that encourages the person to discover and mobilize one's own internal resources, by mobilizing the inherent 'wisdom of the body' to promote physical regeneration, emotional coherence and mental harmonization.

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A better communication with our body

Our body is able to self-regenerate and it does so all the time. However, the mind-body connection is so present that our mind sometimes gets in the way and hinders or even prevents this self-regeneration. External pressures, emotional disturbances, limiting beliefs, intense or permanent stress, can disturb these natural abilities. As such, the function of certain organs may be disturbed and natural processes such as tissue healing, ossification, etc. may be slowed down or blocked.

The Phoenix Capacity® practitioner ethically helps the person to absorb themselves in an inner metaphorical exploration, and to let the body's natural wisdom act to restore internal harmony. The Phoenix Capacity® method also allows, using the body as an interface, to effectively address problems of the mental and emotional realms by restoring internal communication and coherence.

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