Certifying Phoenix Capacity® Trainings

Inner Regeneration

Do you support people in the process of transformation, healing, and in the reintegration of their internal or bodily coherence and want to assist them more effectively? 

Our trainees are practitioners in various fields including medical and paramedical: Acupuncturists, Sports coaches, Hypno practitioners, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Psychologists, Sophrologists, etc. 

Phoenix Capacity® is a support method whose aim is to help people discover and mobilize their own internal resources. We do this by interrogating the wisdom of the body so as to potentiate physical regeneration, emotional coherence and mental harmonization. With the body as intermediary, the method allows you to work in the same way on physical, emotional or mental problems.

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Phoenix Capacity® will allow your clients to :

  • Restore an emotional and psycho-corporeal harmony
  • Establish a dialogue with their body and their emotions, in particular with blocked or suffering areas
  • Discover the most appropriate interior resources to improve inner, emotional or cellular regeneration (tissue healing, muscular recovery, ...)
  • Recreate in themselves communication and coherence by actively visiting their interior landscapes
  • Effectively manage the problems of stress, anxiety, sleep, tensions, compulsions, etc., by developping a capacity to listen to bodily feelings
  • Face all kinds of challenges involving a performance of the body by using a specific mental preparation. For example: preparing for a surgical intervention, childbirth, PMA, etc., as well as to prepare an intellectual, scenic or sport performance
The Phoenix Capacity® Method also makes it possible in particular to help HPI individuals, Hypersensitives, Autistic Aspergers, etc., to deploy all their inner wealth while remaining the pilot of their experience.

Phoenix Capacity® Part 1

(4 days)

prerequisites : none 

You will learn to :

  • Create a specific form of synchronization favoring a reassuring, benevolent and effective 'session container' 
  • Use the fundamental principles of the body-mind link to promote regeneration activity 
  • Verbaly exchange in the Phoenix Capacity® mode 
  • Reveal the personal mental representations active in body functions 
  • Metaphorically explore internal systems, such as breathing, circulation and mobility
  • Work with the three intelligences 
  • Empower the consultant and give them the means to greater autonomy

Your clients will thus be able to :

  • Let the unconscious contents express themselves and make them efficient 
  • Communicate with, and obtain the effects of, the wisdom of the body
  • Learn to make their different parts communicate with each other 
  • Mobilize unconscious resources and accelerate natural regeneration
  • Potentialize the body's restorative activity thanks to psychoactive images

Phoenix Capacity® Part 2

(5 days)

prerequisites : on request and validation after Part 1 certification

You will learn to :

  • Perfect the leading of your presence 
  • Identify the different levels of symbolic and metaphorical exploration 
  • Help your consultants to break free of internal obstacles to regeneration 
  • Encourage blocked or suffering parties to clearly express their needs 
  • Help your consultants to mentally prepare before surgical procedures or other taxing physical challenges such as childbirth
  • Metaphorically explore internal systems such as information transmissions, digestion, regulation, immunity, ... 
  • Perfect the use of your field

Your clients will thus be able to :

  • Allow themseves a deeper exploration of their inner worlds 
  • Release their limiting cellular memories 
  • Learn to choose for themselves the colors of their emotions and their thoughts 
  • Potentiate the positive elements pointed out by epigenetics 
  • Become responsible actors of their mental and physical health

Practical Information

Number of participants : 18 to 30 participants maximum according to session

Places : Paris 75006, or in Algarve Portugal*

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Part 2 :

Access to Part 2 is on demand after validation of Part 1

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Part 3 :

Part 3 participation is exclusively on demand after validation of Part 2 and validation by a trainer
The weezevent link will then be provided after recieving your email request of participation

Last Session :
- 7th to 11th of october 2019 in Carvoeiro (Algarve), Portugal

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