Valérie, M.D., Homeopathic Doctor

I will use it very quickly by incorporating it into my practice. This has already brought me a lot in terms of personnal evolution.

Véronique, Hypnopractitioner

All of this content will be useful. This different approach and skill is complementary to all my other tools. A more "ecological" vision of coaching and therapy, and an incarnation of the coach which speaks to me more. Accessible & available trainers. Useful and "distilled" feedback in a caring and helpful format. A source of inspiration. Thanks everyone!

Shama, Hypnopractitioner

The MPC will allow me real freedom in my practice. The  Phoenix Method allows me to go even further in the body-mind relationship, not only at the level of our beliefs, but also by helping the other to go even deeper in his quest, his self-perception. Kindness, serenity and love. What else to add? THANK YOU!

Diana, Sophrologue and Hypnopractitioner

Great welcome that allows you to feel confident. A strong feeling of being exactly where I need to be. Your fine sharing is a gift. Thank you all.

Christelle, Hypnopractitioner

It made my practice even more meaningful. A lifelong gift!

Lorraine, Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst

You have to go, it's great !! Thank you.

Gérard, Hypnopractitioner in an Oncology center

As part of the oncology sessions, the notion of body / mind is as an evidence and the MPC method will bring me an important aid in my practice. Go ahead you will not be disappointed and you will enrich your practice.

Sylvain, Sexotherapist

This training is very useful for my sexotherapy practice.

Claudia, Firefighter and Hypnopractitioner

The feeling that what I have learned is more than complementary. MPC becomes the center and the base of all that I can use.

Juliette, Hypnopractitioner

The simplicity. The simplicity of the tools and their effectiveness - immediately proven - leads me to now use the possibility of MPC exploration among my support tools, both "physical" (fertility, pain, ...) and " psychic ”.

Pascale, Sophrologue and Hypnopractitioner

Go for it! The MPC journey allows you to connect deeply to yourself - hyper associated - and to be aligned. The dreamlike nature of travel is magical and, for me, very initiatory.

Karine, Actor and Hypnopractitioner

Top - Top - Top! Thank you !

Bénédicte, Hypnopractitioner

This is essential ! To work with resistances and guardians, with the bodily pains, and still so much to discover. ++ Welcome, +++ Kindness. It's an amazing feeling. Thank you.

Marik, Artist Coaching and Phoenix Capacity

Thank you for this magnificent generosity and the openings it offers and keeps offering!

Sonia, Hypnopractitioner

Oh yeah. Do less with more efficiency. Be there, in the accompaniment, even more whole than before. Go ahead, DO IT.

Yaëlle, Yoga teacher, Coach adn  Hypnopractitioner

I was deeply convinced that there is a relationship between body and mind. What I didn't know was how to connect to it. This method is so natural that its cogs could almost escape us, but the quality of the training, as much in its content as in the benevolence of the trainers, reminds us that the simplest things can sometimes become of paramount importance. When I think of “my” trainers, I can only connect with an immense gratitude. Above all, it is infinite kindness that allows them to intelligently extend their field of love. Using "intelligence of the heart" seems to me to be an appropriate expression.

Isabelle, Hypnopractitioner

These tools are going to be a very very important plus in my practice as a hypno-practitioner. An essential complement.
This training brings an additional dimension to my hypno practice. The kindness and the very clear applications associated with a lot of practice allowed me to integrate and understand all the theoretical courses. Thank you.

Caroline, Hypnopractitioner

I think of using these tools as often as possible, to help the suffering person to relieve their pains, whether physical or moral. I also plan to use the method with the children I see in consultation for phobias and fears of the dark.
Excellent training which, for my part, allows me to go even further in supporting the people I am going to receive. The trainers are very generous in their sharing, very kind and very accessible. If you have to do a training, do this !!